Create & Enjoy

As a solo - entrepreneur it can be fun but sometimes...lonely. I was lucky, I had an awesome accountability partner, which made this ride enjoyable. Together we answered questions, talked (real people talk), and enjoyed the whole process.

If you need a website, ongoing business growth support, or want to be part of an accountability group, here is where you need to be.

Cheers to enjoying the ride!

Start with a great foundation!

We (you and I) will build your WordPress website then I will show you the steps to keep your business growing.

Supported Business Growth

We (you and I) will keep your business, website, schedule, Social Media, and overall sanity in check. 

Accountability Group

Whatever your business, it's nice to have like-minded friends supporting you while supporting each other.

Why WordPress?

Because with WordPress you will have the ability to grow in unimaginable ways. Add a store, calendar, forms, Search Engine Optimization, and so much more.


Start with the best foundation (WordPress)- so no time or money is wasted.


We will build, do the backend work so you can save time for your business.


When you are focussing on the right things more opportunities come your way.

Website Creation Steps

We will go through a simple set of steps to get your website created then we will show you how to continue to grow online. 


We will send you a simple fill in the blank form so that we can get started.


We will send you layouts, color, and image options to start collaboration on your design.


This is us - once we have content, and filled in information from you we will begin our backend process.


Here is where it gets fun! We will show you what we created and you will let us know if any adjustments are needed.

Search Engine Optimization

The next step is for us to add Search Engine Optimization. SEO will be implemented on all pages and images.

Go Live

It is time to show off your creation and start your business evolution! You have a great foundation to build upon.

More Details

Need a little more information before you get started?

Laura Heuer

I am an entrepreneur and have been for decades. It is a fun wild ride with lots of hurdles and learning. What I have found is that the learning never stops, the possibilities are endless, and it is very easy to get caught up in the waves.

I LOVE helping entrepreneurs find their vision, support their growth, and find productive streamlined processes to make their business flow.  

It took years before I realized I needed a much more simplified process to help serve the entrepreneur community in a way that fit my lifestyle and my goals.

I am your friendly guide (and certified life coach) to help you create a business and life you LOVE and dream.

Create & Enjoy

I have been there - done that and want to make the learning curve a whole lot easier. We will enjoy this ride together!


Emails that show you how to grow with tools and tips. 

Open Calls

Open calls for "ask anything" questions that might arise.

Friendly Advice

Think of this as having an accountability partner. 

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Start Today

When it's time to get your business going or growing I've got your best interest at heart. I want to see you succeed!

One & Done

Creating Only

Start With the Best Foundation

Customized WordPress Website

Ability to GROW at Your Speed

All SEO Added

The Right Plugins, and Set-Up 

Google Analytics Too

Create & Enjoy

Ongoing Steps

Everything from One and Done

You are not alone - Ongoing Support through:


Monthly Calls

Know Your Next Steps

Grow with Confidence