Having your own business is awesome!!! But… it does come with a lot of behind the scenes work. If you have reached the point where you need an assistant or some way of making your business run smoother or even if you want to reach that point, I suggest taking a look at 17Hats.

17Hats is your all in one solution for your business of one.  17Hats handle your invoices, contracts, questionnaires, client/project management, and more, all in one system. Did I mention how professional you will look?

  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Client Management
  • Repetitive Emails
  • Time Management
  • and on, and on…..

My friend and colleague Eileen added a post on Elegant Marketplace about 17Hats including an interview with Miji (17Hats Customer Sucess Manager) and myself.


Templates are already created systems that make 17Hats even easier to use. These templates have proven sets of emails, questionnaires, contracts, etc. Utilizing a template can help you jump start your 17Hats system.
You can find templates under Account Settings > Documents & E-mails > Template Marketplace > Packs.

I have created a template (or three) for Web Designers, there also are templates for Life Coaches, photographers, writers, tax preparation, rental property, and more are coming.

Become so productive that your clients are systematically taken care of, your processes are streamlined, and you always know the next step!

After utilizing 17Hats for a couple years, I can say I LOVE how productive I have become and how professional I look (even if I am still in my slippers)! If you would like some help with 17Hats please fill out the form below and let’s get started.

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