I Love Creating

A-Mazing websites that clarify YOU so that you can empower your clients. 


You’re really, reeaaally good at what you do. But your website? It just doesn’t scream, “Hey world! I’m exceptional!” More importantly, it’s not growing your business, because you’d rather do just about anything than to send your people to your website.
The thing is, you know in your heart that you need a soul-inspiring, clear, confident website to make the impact (and money) you’ve been dreaming of.
I get it. I’m also an entrepreneur.
I understand how sad it is to have a website that just doesn’t reflect your level of amazing. Or to wonder if that corner of the Internet you own is ever ACTUALLY going to grow your business.
I’ve been building websites since before the Internet was “a thing”. Then in 2009, I launched Greencastle Web Design and, over the years, have helped 100’s of exceptional businesses build and launch effective websites.
I know exactly what works and what’s a waste of time (and money).
I’ve realized that my heart just isn’t into helping just anyone anymore. Now that my kids are grown, I have the wonderful opportunity to nurture my own soul-inspiring aspirations.

I’m on a mission to empower women in business. My secret weapon is web design.


When I started out, I would have loved for someone with more experience to step in and show me what to do. I’m here to be that partner for you. Think of me like your friendly-tech guide meets a business friend. I’ll whip up a website you love and coach you through the whole ecosystem of running a successful online office.
Ready to see how easy and enjoyable it can be?

Let's Do This!


I can't wait to meet you! Let’s talk about who you are and why you’re A-Mazing.


If we’re a good fit, I’ll create your custom WordPress website plan, with clear pricing.

3, 2, 1, L.A.U.N.C.H!

Put on your dancin’ shoes and celebrate, you’ve got a website you LOVE that brings you clients you loooooove.

a bit more....

Mike and I bought a house that had an office in the basement. The owner said "maybe you will use this someday" and I quickly said "no". I was sure I would never have my own business. Then it happened, an accident that left me unable to work at my job so I invented a new career. Fast forward another 10 years and I had a need for a medical journal - so we created, manufactured, licensed it to Franklin Covey. Once that journey was over I still wanted to be home working on my schedule (ok on the boy's schedule) and that is how my Web Design business was built.


I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs "make it' and have seen others fold. It really is not a game of luck. It is a lot of ups and downs, a lot of figuring out what works for you, a lot of making sense of it all and if I could sum it up with one word it would be persistency. 

My goal is to help you start with a GREAT foundation and to be a guide/resource for you along your journey. 


This is Us

My most precious life experience has been raising our boys... how lucky am I!!!

Being a mom / entrprenuer

Nothing has brought me more joy than my boys, even when they weren't - and that is something you realize after they have grown up and moved out (wink, wink). I long for some of those days again. But looking back, being able to work from home, on our schedules, made life so much sweeter. 

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5 Musts-Do's for Crafting a Website to Clearly Attract Your Audience

  • Make one change tonight to improve your website
  • Stop wondering what is the next impactful step
  • Be five steps closer to empowering your people
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