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Easily learn how to do the things you need to create and grow your business online.

Branding 101 - Quickly and easily brand your business

Working with many entrepreneurs I have seen all kinds of ways people brand themselves or their company. Here is how to learn quick easy ways to find your:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Social Media Banners

A Must - Get Your Images Right for Your WordPress Website

Images for your WordPress website need a bit of work before adding to get the ultimate use from them.

  • Where to find your images
  • How to title and why you need to do this for Google
  • Descriptions
  • Size

5 Musts-Do's for Crafting a Website to Clearly Attract Your Audience

Yes, there are quick things you can do to attract your audience.

  • Make one change tonight to improve your website
  • Stop wondering what is the next impactful step
  • Be five steps closer to attracting your audience

Ahhhh - Practical Tools For Mom Entrprenuers

Being a Mom entrepreneur for so long I have learned a trick or two. You will learn some great tools/resources to get it done:

  • Schedule like a rockstar
  • Notes that never get lost
  • Making it happen while the family is FIRST
7 Reason to use WordPress

Coming Soon

The plan is to add more courses to help you start and grow your business. 

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