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I used to have stickies all over my computer and my desk, I also put notes in notebooks and planners, so many notebooks even electronic ones. I felt like a notebook junkie, but really I was just looking for the right solution. During a class I was taking, someone showed me the power of Evernote. I had tried Evernote before but never got the hang of it. It did not seem intuitive to me. Now, it is the most intuitive notebook I will ever need!

no more stickiesGet Rid of Your Stickies, notebooks, journals…

Evernote is where my life’s notes (business, family and personal) now get stored! You may already use Evernote and if you do please let us know your most favorite tips below. If you do not already take advantage of this awesome productivity tool then get ready for that ahhh feeling and that thought of why didn’t I start using Evernote sooner. 

Evernote (Every note) Productive!

Evernote isn’t to change the way you take notes, you may like to note everything or hardly anything at all. The way I see it, Evernote is to change the way you file your notes. Where did I put that important piece of information? No more questions or worries about that. Every note has a place. 

Quick Start Links

Sign up to EVERNOTE

I had used the basic free plan for a long time. Not until I started saving PDFs to my notebooks did I need to upgrade to the PLUS plan. The price I pay feels like a deal!

Sign into EVERNOTE

The magic happens in EVERNOTE within Desktops!

Download and install the desktop version of Evernote.
I always utilize Evernote via my desktop application. I find it much more usable this way.

Evernote Notebooks

Evernote notebooks are a great way to organize. If you are new to Evernote start simple, home and business. My rule of thumb is to create a notebook once I have reached three notes within that category. Here is a simple pdf guide of EVERNOTE-notebooks.

Share you EVERNOTE notes and notebooks! what a nice way to share meeting notes, grocery lists, college notes, most anything you note you can share. EVERNOTE – share your notes guide. EVERNOTE-Sharing-Options



  • Instant note anywhere: Control + ⌘ + N
    • Then ⌘ + enter to save.
  • Paste to Evernote: Control + ⌘ + V
Evernote App
  • New note: ⌘ + N
  • New notebook: ⌘ + shift + N
  • Horizontal line: ⌘ + shift + H
  • Bullet list: ⌘ + shift + U
  • Numbered list: ⌘ + shift + O
  • Bold: ⌘ + B
  • Italics: ⌘ + I
  • To Do Checkbox: ⌘ + shift + T
  • Color picker: ⌘ + shift + C
  • Search within note: ⌘ + F

Once you start utilizing EVERNOTE the global commands will become very handy!

Evernote Pro Tips

Ready to utilize Evernote with email? – Email into your EVERNOTE account 
You can annotate your web clippings too! – Annotate web clippings
Evernote Web Clipper

There are so many pro-tips for EVERNOTE that we have just scratched the surface. To get more amazing EVERNOTE ideas, tutorials, and guides like the video below, check out the EVERNOTE YouTube channel. If you have any questions please feel free to send questions or suggestions in the contact form.

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