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Timely- App – the calendar that loves your time!

As a solo – entrepreneur you know time is money. Where does the time go.. how do you spend time wisely? With timely app you will be able to make time for the important things – easily schedule your business around your life! Scheduling and time tracking in one! TimelyApp is where you schedule and track …

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Social Media Quick Tips and Links

Quick Guide – Getting Started With Social Media

Social Media Quick Tips and Links Let just start with Social media is great! and it isn’t…. Why? Because you can consume so much time with Social Media you can forget why you are utilizing it. Choose your platform – it really is time-consuming to start with all of the Social Media platforms. But if …

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Steps To Starting Your Design Process – Color, Fonts, Images

As a WordPress Creative/Designer I absolutely LOVE consulting entrepreneurs to define their purpose, simplify, and ultimately LOVE what they do! This article is to help you get started with design options.  Colors If you have been in business a while you may already have your color scheme. If not, here is a good place to …

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Organized and Productive with Evernote! I used to have stickies all over my computer and my desk, I also put notes in notebooks and planners, so many notebooks even electronic ones. I felt like a notebook junkie, but really I was just looking for the right solution. During a class I was taking, someone showed …

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Website Images

Finding Images For Your Website While attending a Word Camp in Boston I heard a very interesting fact, an image is processed 60,000 times faster than words. With this in mind the images you portray on your website really do matter. Images Matter How can we find images that create a quick response and call …

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Design with Canva

Create the designs you need for all your marketing campaigns – easily. Design with Canva! As a solo – entrepreneur you will have needs for graphics.  I love graphics and can get caught up for hours (needlessly) creating designs. If you are into graphics or not, Canva is a tool that will help you throughout …

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Choosing a Website Host

Your host is where your site will live.  Your website will need to be stored on the Internet so that anyone can view your site at any time. With this in mind, you want a reliable host so that your website is always up and running. What do you need from a host? Great support …

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Choosing A Domain Name

How to Choose a Name For Your Web Presence This is a blog article from Greencastle Web Design (my web design business). It is such good information that I thought I would re-enter it here. Purchase a .com!!! Please. A client did purchase a .net only to tell me they were giving business to the …

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For the past nine years, I have been creating WordPress websites (Greencastle Web Designs) and have never changed or even thought about changing to another platform. I have changed themes, utilized new plugins, learned new ways to build. But leaving WordPress has never even been a thought. Below are a few reasons why. No one …



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