Jump start your business - with the right tools.

Great Resources

WordPress, productivity, business and desing resources to help you grow and manage your business.

Invoicing Options

You need to get paid! Bottom line it is not a business if you are not being paid. Here are a few great invoicing options from free to paid but all professional.


Your business will have proposals, invoices, and it is easy to get stuck in the minutia of it all but you don't have to. The simple secret is to automate & template.

Business Foundation

You are going to need a domain name, host, platform, and theme for your Website. Your host is where your website will live and your host matters. You do have choices but choose wisely.

More than Notes - EVERNOTE

Do you have the need to be organized and get rid of sticky notes, planners, and to-do lists? With EVERNOTE you can! This is one of the most amazing tools.

Designs by You

With designs, you might not know what you need until you need it. Create and re-create all kinds of designs for all your marketing campaigns – and might I add easily. 


Time is money and time is precious so we need a great tool to make the best use of our time. Where would we be without the right calendar?

5 Musts-Do's for Crafting a Website to Clearly Attract Your Audience

  • Make one change tonight to improve your website
  • Stop wondering what is the next impactful step
  • Be five steps closer to attracting your audience
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