Creating Your Website

Start with a solid foundation.

The Essentials

Domain, Hosting, Platform, and Theme 

Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your web presence is an important task. It keeps getting harder as so many names have been taken. Here is a great article to get started.

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7 Reason to use WordPress


Your host is where your site will live. Your website will need to be stored on the Internet so that everyone can view your site at anytime. With this in mind you want a reliable host.


Your platform is what you choose to build your site. WordPress is the leading Content Management System. WordPress websites grow with you and your business. WordPress sites are coded in the back that makes them friendly to search engines. Within WordPress, you will be able to choose many options. 


Your theme is about design, function and adding specific plugins for most needed options like search engine optimization.


Plugins are essential for optimization, visual experience, customized needs and overall function of your website.

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